Wine Water is a refreshing combination of dry, French wine blended with pure, sparkling water. Clean, simple, and purposefully developed for the active wine drinker, all Wine Water varietals feature low calories, zero grams of sugar, only two ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial.

Created in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, Wine Water is a first-of-its-kind, dry French wine and sparkling water hybrid.

With all products featuring 4.9% alcohol by volume (ABV), 69 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and absolutely nothing artificial – it's arguably one of the most health-conscious offerings available in the alcohol beverage industry.

Available in 32 states in over 2200 retailers, Wine Water products are sold in six-packs and individual cans. For more information, please contact us at Hello@SipWineWater.com or on socials via Facebook or Instagram (@SipWineWater).

The Wine Water Category of Products

Rosé Water, the Original Wine Water, was developed to celebrate a classic, French wine varietal but through a lighter presentation (light alcohol, low calories, zero sugar). Its success has prompted the continued development of Wine Water to encompass other classic varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc.

In comparison, Sandbar Fruit Punch Blend and Tropical Punch Blend have been developed through a proprietary co-fermentation process for those that seek something more dynamic than the taste profile of traditional French wines but still desire the same, lighter presentation (light alcohol, low calories, zero sugar).