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Rosé Water

Tasting Notes: On the palate, the bright acidity of the Dry Rosé wine is balanced by the effervescence of the sparkling water. While the red and exotic fruit aromas are generously expressed, the balance achieved by this simple but striking combination of ingredients reveals an incredibly refreshing tasting experience.

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Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes: Aromas of exotic fruits including pineapple and mango are featured on the nose and palate and are beautifully balanced with the effervescence of the pure, sparkling water. Simple but striking, Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect expression of the Entre-Deux-Mers terroir in an approachable, incredibly refreshing, easy-to-enjoy presentation.

Available March 2022

Wine Water Chardonnay

Available September 2021

Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc

Two Simple Ingredients, Nothing Artificial


4.9% ABV | 69 CAL