Wine, Wellness and Wellbeing in 2021

Back in August 2020, Amy Kuchar, co-founder of Rosé Water, had a chance to speak with Dr. William Seeds of Authority Magazine about wine, wellness, and both physical and mental wellbeing.

“Loving wine – rosé in particular – and becoming more conscious of my adult beverage choices, I wanted to dive into creating something clean, that I could enjoy every now and again.”

You can read the full interview, Women in Wellness: Consistent Exercise HERE, in which they cover topics including: her personal wellness journey, physical and mental structure, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to develop the lead product in the healthier-for-you, wine water category.

However, given that it’s a new year and the season of reflection about our own healthy (or not so healthy) habits is upon us, we wanted to share a 2-minute, quick-read excerpt from the discussion in which she covers her top five lifestyle tweaks toward achieving better wellbeing.

Enjoy and let’s all raise a can of Rosé Water to a healthy and happy 2021!

Wellness | Amy Kuchar, co-founder of Rosé Water, smiling with a Rosé Water can in her hand.

Amy’s Top 5 Lifestyle Tweaks

Hydration. For years I have tried to set a goal every day for the amount of water I need to drink daily and I’ve seen the incredible affects that it’s had on me physically.

Eliminating allergens that may cause inflammation. A lot of people battle inflammation and they aren’t even aware of it. I dealt with it personally and realized I was consuming things in my daily diet that were not agreeing with my body. Once I was able to identify what those were, I cut them out!

Consistent exercise. Find something that you really enjoy and that speaks to your body and regularly practice it. Whether it be one, or a combo of physical activities, moving in that routine I have found to be incredibly important for my physical and mental structure.

Reading and research. Whatever it is that interests you, that makes you want to grow in a positive direction for the better good of yourself and/or how you want to impact yourself personally, or others, I have found to be incredibly stimulating for myself. Books, articles, people, blogs, whatever it may be around subject matter that is meaningful to you. It brings more conviction and passion to my life and how I want to help care for my daughter, husband and family.

Staying present. Although I’m definitely still trying to perfect this one every day, staying in the moment helps with bringing peace to the “right here and now” and assists in all of the others above I mentioned. It has also taught me how to appreciate the many blessings in my life.