A Year of Rosé Water, As Told By You

As we approach August, Rosé Water celebrates its first full year available on grocery store and bottle shop shelves. A brand that planted its roots as a poolside concoction has blossomed from coast to coast, making a splash many places in between. What better way to showcase the journey then from all of you Rosé Water lovers out there!

Year | US Map Showcasing Consumer Faces

Kelly | @dinnerwiththeduffys | Charleston, SC

“After recently starting the #ketodiet I quickly realized enjoying an alcoholic beverage, or two, was going to be an issue. News Flash – there are a gazillion carbs & sugar grams in adult drinks. Who knew? Fortunately for me a friend introduced me to Rosé Water and it was a match made in rosé heaven! Light and refreshing with the perfect amount of sparkle, Charleston friends you can snag your six pack locally at Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, East Bay Wine or Shop Bottles.”

Kate | @discoveringraleigh | Raleigh, NC

“Rosé Water [is] legit the perfect summer drink! As a rosé lover I was super excited when I got to try out the new Rosé Water and it was sooo yummy! 💕  It’s 0 grams of sugar, vegan, and gluten free! Also!!!! They donate 5% profits to Cape Fear River Watch. I’ll definitely be picking up some more for this weekend at Harris Teeter or Whole Foods.”

Dr. Sanae | @bluebootsgo | Washington, DC

“When spring starts to feel like summer, rosé and sparkling water are always stocked at home. So I was thrilled to have a taste of the Austrian Alps & French Loire Valley brought together, and right to my backyard with Rosé Water (thanks guys!) Super balanced and perfect for that picnic chill ✨”

Neil | @universal.mixes_ | Auburn, AL

“So everybody’s drinking White Claws and other Sparkling Alcoholic beverages! @eatatlucys and myself are not ones to follow trends. WE MAKE OUR OWN! Or feed off of them. So In our own uniqueness, we decided to get you guys Rosé Water. Sparkling Dry Rosé Wine!! Sitting at 4.9% Alc and 69 Calories!”

Nikki | @bayberryandmain | Boston, MA

“11 miles down and 15 more to go until I finish my first marathon. I am excited to be taking on this challenge…After I finish my walk with my neighbor I thought I would celebrate my first 6 miles with a Rosé Water. I had recently received some Rosé Water and was eager to try it. Oh man is it good. It is some of the best Rosé I have had. It is tasty, only 69 calories, sugar free, non-GMO and other great stuff.”

If you have shared a cold can of Rosé Water this year, we want to extend a big ole cheers and thank you for supporting us!