How to Type Rosé Properly

How to Properly Type Rosé

Rosé - How to type the accent on mobile

The difference between that timeless symbol of romance and our favorite wine varietal is as simple as an accent mark (specifically called an ‘acute’ accent) but have you actually tried to type the word “rosé” on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop?

Here are some quick instructions on how to properly portray that beautiful pink potion we love so much!

iPhones, iPads or Android Phones – Type the letters R, O, S, and then hold down the letter E. This will expose a special character menu from which you will choose the É.

Mac Computers – Either hold down OPTION as you type the letter E (then type the E again to place it under the accent) or hold down the letter E and a special character menu will appear.

Windows Computers – Type the letters R, O, S, and then hold down the ALT key as you type the numbers 0233. This will create and place the accented character of É.

Simple enough, right? Now that you can type it as well as you can drink it, go forth and practice while digitally preaching your love for all things rosé!