These Drink Roundups Will Make You Rethink Your Go-To Choice

‘Tis the season for summer drink roundups — you know, the ones that can be found this time of year displayed on your favorite blog sites, scrolling through news feeds or sent to the ‘gals only’ group message.

Summer is the time to rethink what you’ve been sipping on and try something new, trendy and fitting for the warm wave. These lists are packed with reviews and tips from experts whose job it is to taste each and every one so that you’re pointed in the right direction the next time you’re staring into the refrigerated abyss at your local bottle shop or grocery store.

From the most colorful IPA, all the way to the lightest rosé in a can, drink roundups are a way of passage for beverage brands to reach those who will discover and find love for their creations. This season, Rosé Water has been included in a few of our own, standing tall right beside some of the most unique sips on the market right now.

It’s an honor to be featured, so we’re here to pass along a few of our favorites in hopes that you uncover something new, at least to you!

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So, copy this link and hit send to your sister, bestie, brother-in-law or anyone who needs a new go-to bev. But, if you’re looking for the newest, lightest, cutest and only Wine Water out there, click HERE to find a local Rosé Water retailer near you!