Wine Water Launches In New York City


New York Launch Party | Guests Cheersing

September was a month to remember for the Wine Water team, as they celebrated their launch into the massive New York market! Partnering with Future Fair and the Selina Hotel Chelsea NYC, Wine Water hosted an exclusive launch party during New York Fashion Week.

New York Launch Party | SkylineThe three-hour long event took place on the rooftop of the Selina, where hundreds of locals and tourists from across the globe gathered to experience and celebrate Wine Water. Alternating sips of Rosé Water and Wine Water’s newest varietal, Sauvignon Blanc, guests from all walks of life laughed, toasted and connected with one another while gazing out into the beautiful NYC skyline during golden hour.

More than a dozen NYC-based influencers and bloggers came out to celebrate Wine Water and shared the news of its launch with their following across social media (view the recap here), while the rest of the guests happily posed for pictures as the in-house photographer mixed and mingled capturing all the moments.

“{Wine Water Sauvignon Blanc}…tastes like apples are dancing on my tongue!” said one guest who couldn’t stop gushing about“her new favorite drink!”.

The Wine Water team went through a whooping 20 cases of wine in just two and half hours – running out just before the close of the event.

The teams at Future Fair and Selina all agreed the event was a huge success and thanked the Wine Water team for sponsoring the event. In fact, it was such a success that the PR team for the Selina reached out to Wine Water’s PR team and have extended an additional opportunity in New York for Wine Water to be showcased in October!

New York Launch Party | Guests Sipping

Photo credit: @danielstevenkrieger